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Govt Recognition
Oxeye is proudly recognized by Government of India as certified startup under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with DPIIT Recognition.
Global Collab
Through global collaboration with international experts and innovators, ensuring our technology remains at the forefront of security and user experience.
Oxeye Technologies benefited from the nurturing environment of India's incubator network during its early stages through the Startup India initiative.
Nation Building
Oxeye Technologies thrives within the nation's growing innovation ecosystem. Our success contributes to an environment that fosters tech advancement.
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We Don't Think Inside the Box

We Build Them

As a Government of India-certified startup, Oxeye strategically utilizes the benefits of the Startup India initiative, launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister in 2016. The initiative's focus on global collaboration paves the way for Oxeye to tap into knowledge sharing, investment opportunities, and cross-border innovation. This translates directly into access to new markets and the ability to scale internationally. Through participation in Startup India's global programs, Oxeye showcases its solutions to investors and potential clients worldwide. The initiative's support positions Oxeye as a global player, ready to lead in application security and innovation on an international stage. Our association with the Startup India initiative acts as a catalyst for its ambitions of global expansion, enabling the company to harness the power of international collaborations, innovation, and market penetration.

Where Ideas Take Flight

Building the Next Big Thing

Driving Economic Growth

Oxeye plays a direct role in building a more secure digital environment for Indian businesses. By providing cutting-edge application security and secrets detection solutions.

Leading the Way in AI & Automation

Oxeye harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to streamline processes, optimize decision-making, and automate tasks for Indian businesses. This empowers companies to operate more efficiently, compete globally, and unlock new levels of productivity.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Oxeye offers a comprehensive set of services that help Indian businesses of all sizes navigate their digital transformation journeys. These solutions enable businesses to modernize infrastructure, leverage cloud technologies, and embrace digital tools, closing the gap between traditional and modern business practices.
Oxeye Technologies plays a pivotal role in securing India's digital transformation. Our focus on robust cybersecurity solutions protects critical Indian businesses and infrastructure against ever-evolving threats.
We champion the responsible integration of AI and machine learning technologies within India. Our solutions help Indian companies harness the power of automation and intelligent decision-making. Oxeye Technologies is dedicated to empowering Indian businesses of all sizes with the tools for successful digital transformation. We offer expertise in cloud migration, application modernization, and workflow optimization
Our commitment to innovation extends beyond our solutions. We actively contribute to the Indian tech landscape, conducting research and participating in knowledge-sharing initiatives.
Oxeye is dedicated to nurturing a culture of digital excellence that will benefit the Indian economy and society for years to come.
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